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30 October 2008

Shocking Campaign Development

Boy shocked after man powers up campaign

Seems that a Mr. Shawn Turschak of the North Carolina Turschak's likes the McCain-Palin ticket. So much he posted a standard fare McCain-Palin campaign sign or two in his yard.

Also seems that a 9-year neighbor boy, son of one Andrew Noble likes the Obama-Biden ticket. The budding young Democrat and part-time misfit allegedly made it a habit to discreetly enter Mr. Turschak's property to, uh, re-allocate his McCain signs to points unknown and replace them with Obama signs. How annoyingly clever.

Mr. Turschak did not find such thefts funny so he electrified the replacement McCain signs in his yard. The next time a theft was attempted of the signs on Mr. Turschak's property, the attempted thief was met with 110 volts of "No-Not-This-Time".

Of course the way some people get worked up over these elections, the little dude is lucky he didn't get a round of buck shot in his behind.

With his hair on end, Mr. Noble's son went whimpering home to Daddy, who promptly marched down to Mr. Turschak's house for an explanation. I can hear it now "Why did you think it was okay to protect your signs on your private property from my unduly influenced and unsupervised pre-teen from committing what could have been his first felony at your expense?"

Nonetheless, the Po-Po was summoned and the modern day Hatfields and McCoys were separated. No charges are expected, according to the police.

At last report, Mr. Noble was teaching his son how to light a bag of flaming poo while Mr. Turschak was seeking a permit to tether an alligator to his McCain-Palin signs until Tuesday.

Anybody else looking forward to this election to be over?


Kat Wilder said...

That's sad and funny at the same time.

But when "terrorist, kill him!" was heard at a Palin rally ... and she said nothing (true, maybe she didn't hear it), you have to wonder how people can hate so much that they want blood.

I fear for us all ..

Michael M. said...

Good point Kat. Your recent post and follow-up dialogue about how "Mean People Suck" sure suggests that people's blunted sensitivities online perhaps have a way of carrying over into 'real life'. Scary indeed.

Check it out folks:

Thanks for the visit today Kat....

Dana said...

I've sworn off many of my regular blog reads these days as so many seem to have become political pundits, and I was finding myself getting sucked right in to the nastiness.

Honestly, I like this story, and cannot imagine that the father of the boy actually felt his son was wronged. That, in my mind, is a prime example of this country's greatest challenge!

Michael M. said...


I figure I irk enough people off with my other topics, I decided to stay away from taking sides publicly on the election. This story passed the BS meter for me because it was absurd regardless whose signs were involved!

Thanks for stopping by Dana. Don't worry, I'll go back to being divisive after the election. :)

Anonymous said...

After working 2 days on a national voter hotline I have a better idea of what some people think is a good use of their time. They call toll-free numbers to rant and rave about politics, voting, the candidates and well, just about everything else.

While we did receive a lot of legitimate calls from people having problems voting or getting registered, just as many calls were from, to be kind here...wackos and nutjobs. This election seems to have brought out so much anger, fury and irrational behavior.

We didn't have caller ID so had to rely on the caller giving us his or her name and number. It astonished me to hear people say some of the most vile and vicious and threatening things and then give us their name, phone number and address.

Yes, we called the police.

But even worse was the number of calls with people reporting voter coercion and fraud. A local church group send a group of men to the local VA Hospital to help the senior patients vote. It seems that no matter what candidate the senior told the churchman he wanted, his vote was cast for the one candidate the church guys wanted to win.

But to balance this, for every 1 bad call I got, I got at least one other from someone who "blessed" me, offered to pray for me or thanked me profusely.

If ever I needed a reminder to be careful, more careful than ever, I got it. What a shame it has to be so.

Michael M. said...

Can't some of the campaign ads be consider voter coercion and fraud too? :)

Thanks Anon for being the unbiased conduit to get the public informed and involved.