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24 September 2008

Medicine is Absurd

"If you think medicines are dangerous, try disease."
- Dr. Brian Cromie, Hoechst Pharmaceuticals (UK), 1980s

Perhaps a bit of truth to that...but perhaps a bit of hooey to that too. I mean really, have you watched TV or read a magazine lately? The litany of ads seem to suggest that we must all be dying of some terribly depressed, erectile dysfunctioned, heart diseased, artery blocked death. 'Sell the disease, not the cure'...isn't that the drug industry's unwritten motto?

A 2001 study showed that nearly 110,000 people died as a direct result of Adverse Drug Reactions. When you add in deaths from Medical Error, Infection, Unnecessary Procedures, and a few other fatal medical interventions, the annual tally was over 780,000 fatalities, while in the hands of medical folks.

Compared with heart disease (700,000 deaths) and cancer (550,000 deaths), once could make the argument that medical intervention is the leading cause of death in America. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Of course "statistics are like loose women (says Walt Michaels, former New York Jets Coach); once you get them, they let you do what you want with them."

There are plenty of people that claim 'better living through chemistry' and I'm sure we all know our fair share of folks that have had their life extended by the addition of medicine.

So like anything else:

fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt

More of the Absurdity Tour on the way....stay tuned and check your FEED.


Dana said...

It seems we are all convinced that living forever is the answer - either that or "covering" our sins with chemicals!

Michael M. said...

What sins? :) As for me, living forever would involve too much heartache of watching others pass.