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23 May 2008

Spread it Like Butter....

Dateline 1869....

Napoleon III, nephew to the diminutive Napoleon Bonaparte, and President of the French Republic had a contest. A sack race? No. Carry an egg on a spoon? Try again. Pin the tail on the Emperor? Nope.

He offered a grant to obtain a patent in Britain, France and the United States for the first caballero, er, monsieur to invent a substitute for.....butter.

During his re-do of of the French Republic, Nappy the 3rd wanted something that didn't cost as much as butter to feed to his military and to the poor.

Real butter it seems, was to be reserved for the aristocracy.


Speaking of authentic, I want to draw your attention to a couple of authentic sites. I try to make my rounds regularly to see what the 'haps' are in the blogosphere. Among those on my route, the following three (3) have really got me captivated lately. Their writing is authentic, eloquent and/or thought provoking.

Dana at Amid Life's Crises (and loyal D3 reader) is mid stream in a series about her own trials involving drugs and her spouse's suicide. I am amazed at the willingness to bare so much, but then again, she is a favorite among her HNT friends. I could not possibly do it justice by trying to summarize it here. While I know her only through her writings, her openness to share her journey online is refreshing, impressive and captivatingly honest.

Brian at The Brian Cuban Revolution - I only came across his site recently, but his writing typically sparks a flurry of passionate responses. I liken his topics to putting a stick in a bee hive for fun. As perhaps a bit of a departure from his self appointed antagonist role, he recently penned a couple of stories about his own trials involving bulimia and addiction. Again, I found it engaging to read someone who is willing to be so open.

If you read their stories, I assure you that you won't soon complain about burning dinner or missing a movie or getting stuck in traffic.

Kat Wilder - Kat is a heck of a writer, yo. Truly, her topics are varied, her research thorough and her personal disclosures proportional. She lives and work in tony Marin County California and her blog appears in their local paper. I am surprised at the seeming lack of response some of her articles get because she is an excellent writer and has real literary talent.

I'm unlikely to bare my tush, however boring it may be, to the online world anytime soon. So for those that desire a bit more depth, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the above sites.


And for those that can't tolerate not knowing who won Napoleon's contest. The winner was none other than Margarine, by chemist Hippolyte Mege-Mouries. So now you know. Impress your friends while you slather your margarine (or butter) on your corn-on-the-cob this Memorial Day weekend.


Dana said...

Butter! Always butter! I am, after all, aristocracy.

Thanks For the *blognod* Michael! I'm a little afraid now though - I'm not so sure my writing will live up to such grandiose claims. I guess there is always HNT to pick up the slack *wink*

Michael M. said...

Ain't no thang Dana. While I'm sure your story is a bit cathartic takes big 'huevos' to open up like you have. And I'd like to think that anyone who follows me, will definitely appreciate your frankness too. You go girl!

Kat Wilder said...

Yikes, Michael — is this my 15 minutes of fame?

Thanks for the very kind words, and for turning me onto other blogs you find (to riff off of Seinfeld) "sponge-worthy." I will check them out.

And, as you know, I am a fan of this blog. I haven't had a lot of time to comment recently, but I will get better!

Debbie Yost said...

I'm grateful to Nappy the 3 or Margerine. Never been a fan of butter.

Michael M. said...

Kat: Nah, it's only 2.5've got plenty left!