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19 May 2008

Fronte di Verdure!

Ethan's now a 7 month old,
And he's growing like a weed;
So we started him on solid grub,
So he has something else on which to feed.

He has taken to life so willingly,
We figured this would be the same;
But Ethan had his own plan we learned,
Anything but VBM just tasted too plain!

So we gussied up his foodstuffs,
And the methods we delivered it to his mouth;
And had marginal success with him liking it,
But still, his smile often headed south.

Maybe it was the spoon?
Perhaps even the type of bowl?
What if we filled up his tub with smashed bananas,
And just let him tumble, play and roll?

Well that idea didn't last too long,
But giving him freedom to explore made sense;
So we gave him free run of his food tray,
And our inner clean freak began to wince:

(click the control bar below the picture to play the video)



Talisman said...

I love the first food pictures. Was that carrots? And just think, he'll pretty much stay that messy every time he eats for the... ohhhh... next 5 years. ;)

Michael M. said...

Talisman: Carrots indeed. Orange-ish goin' in, not sure what they'll look like comin' out. I wanted to feed him outside so we could just hose him off when he's done, but Tonya wouldn't let me. :)

Anonymous said...

So, he's discovered food, finger painting, body painting and how to keep his parents laughing. He looks like a real ham in the pictures. Interesting that his hair is the color of the carrots, too. Is he a real red head? He is a precious baby and I love the video and music you put together!

Talisman said...

Michael - Maybe she'll compromise and let you just feed him in the bath tub next time? ;)

Michael M. said...

anon: Let's see....'food, finger painting and laughing' what could possibly be better than THAT?!?

Michael M. said...

Talisman: I'll advise. The dude just took a cheese sandwhich out of my hand and started gumming it. So perhaps he just wants to go straight to the hard stuff.

Tismee2 said...

I don't have the video on my screen - I know it's probably some settings thing but for now I will simply imagine what I think was on it.

Thinking back to a lunchtime involving beans and sausages when Jordan was about that age......!

But don't you just love 'em for it?

Michael M. said...

Gail: I can imagine beans and sausage being much worse (and funny and wonderful and entertaining) than the smushed carrot bath Ethan took. I look forward to sharing these pictures with him when he gets older. :)

Anonymous said...

He is the cutest ever! Looks like you so much Mike! The music is the best for the background too, you anticipate trouble from that little guy! Thank you for sharing and best to you!!!
Wendy Yascurovca

Tismee2 said...

Yep I can see it now - wonder what Gremlin got in there this morning?

and yes I was pretty close. But he's really enjoying himself isn't he?

Tismee2 said...

and isn't carrot a bugger to wash out?

Dana said...

I'm thinking eating should be this fun every day - for all of us!

Michael M. said...

Wendy! Thanks for stopping by...GREAT to hear from you...

Michael M. said...

Gail He seems to like noshing his way. If we give him the spoon, he would rather steer it into his gullet himself rather than us try to get it in there. Independent little bugger. He is having fun with the game though!

tt said...

that video is too cute. No one can have a bad day after watching that!! i love to watch babies discovering things and getting a 'taste' for life. :)

Michael M. said...

Dana How right you are....hmm...a list of what we can learn from our kids and/or traits to retain from our youth....hmmmm.

Michael M. said...

tt: It is fun, huh? It hard to imagine what we did before having an infant. In that he just had his first, uh, solid diaper deposit, I reserve the right to revise that comment though. :)