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18 April 2008

Around the Horn...

What a carnival of news today.

And depending on how you like carnivals, it could be viewed as sugary sweet cotton candy, a thrilling ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl and memorable pictures in front of the pink unicorn.

Or it could viewed as pedophile Carnies lurking inside the Tunnel-of-Love, Coke bottles weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping and meth addicted fat ladies with nothing more than a box of Twinkies to look forward to.

Oh wait, you didn't think those sex offender types would miss an opportunity to work in such an unregulated, moving all-the-time, distracted-kids-running-free industry do you?

But I digress....

5.2 Earthquake rocks the Midwest - Just another headline to most, but earthquakes of this size that occur in populated areas make big buildings fall down and go boom. Most buildings outside of traditional earthquake zones are not engineered with an earthquake in mind so if major metropolitan areas like Chicago, IL (225 miles away), Louisville, KY (115 miles away), Indianapolis, IN (125 miles away) or St. Louis, MO (125 miles away) were impacted instead of rural Illinois, we would see an disaster of national prominence not unlike after 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. And Chicago, with a central downtown residential population of over 115 thousand people, they will be at the center of an epic disaster if a sizable earthquake strikes in the middle of the night like this one did.

(note, as I write this, another 4.5 magnitude EQ event occurred just north of the earlier site, in addition to the several 2.5 after shocks). Buckle up folks!

Citigroup reports $5.1 Billion dollar loss, cuts 9000 jobs - Anybody surprised? We mentioned these whiz kids pin heads before, when they were borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, with apparently no sustainable means to pay it back. So here they are, a few months after borrowing $7.5 Billion dollars, now are still upside down another $5 Billion. Their method of making and then financing bad debt doesn't work for John Q. Citizen, so why did they think it would work for them? Anyone?

Pregnant girls in polygamist sect - 416 children, over 1/4 of them under age 4, were removed from this compound, which has been in operation in rural West Texas for several years after they 'relocated' from the 'scrutiny' of Utah officials. According to Texas officials, many of the children are believed to have been forced to have children of their own when they turned 13 years old. These kids only know one family, one way of life. However dysfunctional that life may be, the state is playing it by the book: child victims of legally defined abuse are taken into state custody. And now the polygamist's 'people' are in court trying to get their kids and kid's mama's back. But nobody seems to know whose kids belongs to who, so the state is asking the court to order DNA tests to create a family tree, however straight those branches may be.

You know who I haven't seen on the news? Yeah, those handful of 50+ year old men who were marrying and knocking up all these girls the first place. Why aren't they fighting for custody? Last I heard the head abuser dude ran his chicken turd little butt into hiding. Hmmm. Reminds me of the saying around these parts: Give 'em enough rope and they'll eventually hang themselves....

Busloads of legal eagles are there posturing for the cameras and pulling their best Gloria Allred impression (where is she by the way?). They will get their 15 minutes of infamy, the police will get criticized until the cows come home and the real victims, the children who never asked to be part of this, will go from a bad situation into a potentially worse one (separated by foster care in a foreign, modern society) while the scum who did this, the adult males who took advantage of these kids, will likely end up in Mexico or something starting over again.

Praying Passenger removed from Plane - the headline grabs our attention with a hint of prejudice. Oh my, the bible bangers will say, they are suppressing our rights to pray in public! As will the Muslims, the Jews and everyone else with a .org and a book about deities. The reality is though that the offender, a Jew in this case, would not sit down when instructed by flight attendants and ignored security requests. Oopsy. Whether you are praying, smelling like a sow, playing Nintendo or trying to squat in First Class, not playing by the posted rules on an airline gets you thrown off on to your tushy. Shame on the media for making it sound like it was about praying. (I will be taking on religion's role in our society in series starting soon....)

Sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves - The wolf in the hen house, law enforcement version. If the allegations are true, he will likely get his own cell....and will likely be turned into a sex slave his new cell mate, Ben D. Over.

Any other news that struck a chord with you this week?

The news prevails once again over fiction as more entertaining, or at least thought provoking. Stay tuned, there is MMTC (Much More To Come). I have a lengthy series I will unveil down the road that highlights decades of absurdity in virtually every industry. It was fun researching it and it will be fun reading it so make sure you and your friends have your free Feed available at the Feed Me! link on the right panel.


Average Girl In Average World said...

The treasurer for our local soccer club got caught stealing over $30,000.00 from the org. It was all over the news - locally. Since my kids play soccer and I coach, it made me sick.

Michael M. said...

Yikes. I wonder if the treasurer had a kid in the same soccer club? Another example of kids being punished for adults misdeeds.

I bet a $50 credit check and criminal background would have screened this person out to begin with huh?

Average Girl In Average World said...

They do screen, even to coach. She come from good people and has family in banking. It's a shame...