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28 March 2008

Bump in the Night...

The Easter Chocolate is all gone,
The upcoming holidays are few to be found;
What is there left to look forward to?
What's out there to make us not frown?

Your fears are unfounded dear reader,
There's no reason yet to quake;
For tomorrow night around the world,
Begins Earth Hour 2008.

At 8 pm wherever you are,
Turn out the lights and become a miser;
Organizers say it will save energy,
And for you there's a reason that's even wiser.

This month also marks an anniversary,
Of a breakthrough male blue pill;
Yep, Viagra debuted 10 years ago,
And gave Jack a new reason to go up the hill.

So if you find a need to use such an aid,
Then tomorrow is a blessing times two;
The lights will be out and the mood will be right,
Then you and yours can act liked caged animals in a zoo.

Enjoy your weekend !!


Debbie Yost said...

All the Easter chocolate is gone? You must not have bought enough. Or, maybe I bought too much. As for the little blue pill, -- I'm just not going there.

Two Date Diva said...

Who knew you were a poet too?!?! Daddio's got talent!