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27 February 2008

You're So, uh, Unique!

(photo courtesy of John & Jesse Williams @ in accordance with Creative Commons copyright restrictions)

"Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful"

We - again the ubiquitous global we - tend to celebrate uniqueness don't we? Perhaps it tells us that our own anomalies (or abnormalities as the case may be) are not really that far out after all. Or perhaps we live such a bland existence that we secretly want to live vicariously through those unique dudes and dudettes we see in our malls, on our TVs and in our movies.

Kids are given names that can barely be spelled, much less pronounced. How hard are these kids going to have it as they get older and try to normalize? Unfortunately, the choice was never given to them - their parents made it for them. And I thought Frank Zappa naming his kids Dweezil and Moon Unit were outrageous!

Fashion has gone from being about expression to being about dysfunction. We will always have teens rebelling with their clothes - but that is not with this is about. Some styles now require an extra hand to hold up their britches, a seeing eye dog to walk anywhere since their hair is blanketing their eyes and many need their own decon unit to clean the bottom of their pants after dragging the same ground they drag their feet through. Where's the f-f-f-function in f-f-f-fashion?

Is the quest for unique-ness some insane desire for attention or is it something else?


Deb in OPKS said...

Although, I think we are going overboard at times, I think uniqueness helps us feel good about outselves. However, sometimes kids all look the same, but ridiculous. But then again, what do I know? I'm planning on having a big red strip put in my bangs soon and I'm going to be 40 soon! I always though the punk rockers looked so cool! My husband is not too thrilled about this. He'll just have to trust me. At least it's not a tatoo.

Dana said...

I think we've raised a generation that not only thinks they should be special, but they EXPECT everyone to tell them they are special. After all, this is a generation where no one kept score, no one was a loser and everyone got a trophy!

Dana said...

This quote arrived in my inbox this morning and I couldn't help but think of your post:

Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, that you are dreadfully like other people.
- James Russell Lowell

Two Date Diva said...

This post hit home as I was standing in line at the grocery store behind a kid whose pants where damn near hanging around his knees. He pulled them up (eventually) but only about half way up his butt. I couldn't figure out how the hell he could even walk.

Michael M. said...

I don't remember a time when fashion trends (whether I was alive or not & whether I particpated or not) were ever so dysfunctional as they are now. It has gone beyond making a statement to being just ridiculous and at times gross.

How did you like looking at a 'rump roast' while buying your 'rump roast' Diva? :)

Love the quote & the comment Dana...I sniped the quote for my collection...

Insomniac Studios said...

The above image is mine and I would appreciate it if you removed it and updated it with one that still bares my copyright.

You can find the original here -

This image is free to use and distribute, not free to sell or modify. I am sure you did not remove the copyright we have in place, there is no need to remove the image, just update it with the proper one.

thank you

John W

Michael M. said...

Thanks for the heads up John. Indeed, we sure want to give you credit for such a creative piece of work. Thanks too for the allowance to post the corrected picture. I appreciate you coming forward wth the correct copyright information.