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22 February 2008

Shoot This!

The space shuttle had to land,
The stormy seas had to abate;
The missile strike to knock down the satellite,
Would make us all sit and wait.

It seemed so far fetched,
To shoot something so far;
It travelled at 17,000 mph,
And was barely larger than a car.

But somewhere in DHS,
Lady Luck did appear;
That satellite did get shot down,
Before to us it got too near.

Teams were at the ready,
To respond to a major de-orbit crash;
If that flying can of fuel made it to earth,
Who knows what it would smash?

Surely the Navy is having a party,
Over making such a hard shot;
But they should surely temper their glee,
Because this caper sure cost a lot.

The folks it would be interesting to hear from,
Are the ones who started it all;
Whose job was it for it to work initially,
So that it wouldn't eventually fall?

Regardless how it started,
It ended like it should;
No shower of toxic stuff came down,
No houses crushed into splintered wood.

Maybe future satellite gurus,
Can remember a thing or three;
Before you launch another one,
Would you be sure to check the battery?!

(c) 2008
Daddios Daily Dose