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29 February 2008


....nothing more than memories....Johnny Mathis, right?

How's your memory?

In a recent entry we talked about how the A3's out there (Allegedly Average American) lose their own things with such frequency that they spend nearly an hour a day looking for where they left them.

But what about our memories? How often do we leave them behind?

Where were you seven years ago? How about SIX years ago? Unless you live in a cave, your life in that intervening year changed. Some how, some way it changed. Maybe the way you thought, the way you acted, the way you believed.

In 2001 America was attacked by terrorists. America and it's allies rallied around the flag and united to defend, to protect and to many, proactively seek and destroy the pricks that did this to us. But how about now?

Now, even with 100's of thousands of US troops and patriots still deployed in this fight, many newscasts don't even mention it unless it is part of a political soundbite. And usually one that casts dispersions about all the negatives they can find about this war. (As if war was intended to be a positive experience?)

We hosted a friend of mine this week that was back briefly from his post in Baghdad. The work he is doing is amazing, dangerous and is keeping thousands of our troops, allies, contractors and peaceful Iraqi citizens safe. He is actually making a difference. Whether a Hawk or a Dove, we should all be so lucky to be able to make an impact in our work that he does in his.

Yet, people in airports etc. thumb their noses, scoff and grumble when they discover he is supporting the war effort. He is filled mostly with pity and dismissiveness for these miscreants and I suppose I should be too. Sure I have pity, but I also have anger and sorrow for the Americans that die in Iraq and Afghanistan with nary a mention here in the state's because it is not a popular topic anymore. Too taboo and controversial to mention I guess. Since the run up to the war had some blemishes; many tend to throw the baby out with the bath water and condemn the war and everyone and everything attached to it. Why the short memory?

That scorched earth approach many folks take comes at a high cost. For those that so publicly hate our president; they often don't have the maturity, common sense or independent thought to avoid doing anything other than hating everything associated with him too, which is asinine. And yes, a blanket condemnation of anything cuts both ways.

Throughout history men and women in our all volunteer military have died protecting the right for others to be apathetic, ignorant and disrespectful. However unfortunate that is, it would be nice if those apathetic, ignorant and disrespectful people would at least offer an ounce of thanks and recognition that some people still do have a memory of what happens when you allow a combatant to bend you over a barrel.

Why have our memories gotten shorter?

Why has it become so difficult for folks to hate the game but still support the player?


L.A. Mama said...

Daddio...(can I call you that - it seems weird because I have my own Daddio - LOL)

I think that MOST Americans support our troops. I think that the media just reports on what gets ratings and that doesn't necessarily reflect the attitudes and opinions of the people who live in the U.S.

However, I also think that it is certainly reasonable to hold the President to his mistakes and poor decisions. I absoultely don't think that people are against the war because they are agianst Bush...I would venture to say that the opposite is true.

Even my Mom who is a staunch Republican is against the war now...but she still likes Bush. No her mind hasn't been poisoned by me or the media...she just thinks that enough is enough.

Dana said...

Being a Desert Storm veteran, I know first hand how quickly people forget. I always come from the perspective that it was the five years that I gave to my country that allows people the freedom to say the things that irritate me :)

Michael M. said...

laMama: Since ratings are driven by attitudes & opinions of the people that watch, the lack of media is perfect evidence of America's lack of support and interest. Now, if Brittney Spears joined the military, we would hear about it every day....

Thanks for chiming in. :)

Michael M. said...

Dana: Thank you for your service. How sadly ironic that you defended our right to bitch, but got next to nothing in return.

"Support Our Troops" has become cliche. We can say it and it makes ourselves feel fuzzy; but it seldom translates into any actual supportive action.

Tismee2 said...

I too find it incredible that people are so quick to pass comment on those serving their country.

I served in the Royal Navy for 9 years and although wasn't sent to war during the Falklands campaign, helped prepare for it and waved goodbye to every male colleague I worked with.

Those serving in the forces want to be where they are, that's part of what they joined up to do.(It's like being trained to fix computers then being told you can't touch them,) I know they would rather be at home with families in a safe environent, but the whole point of being in the forces is as you say 'to make a difference' and get through the good and bad stuff it throws at you as best you can.

I 100% support ALL our serving personnel as much as I support fire fighters, police and medical staff etc. They are just doing their job - and doing a great job at that!

Can I also add that at SeaWorld in Florida they made an announcement before the Shamu show to show appreciation for forces personnel of every nationality, serving or retired, asking them to stand up.

I stood up, uncertain and a little embarrased - because my eldest son made me - he said he was proud of me and his dad(also ex RN)for keeping people safe. It was a very emotional experience.

Michael M. said...

Wow Gail. I bet that it was emotional for more than just you to see all of the veterans standing. Good for Sea World!

Thanks for your service...and thanks for your story!

L.A. Mama said...

I understand your point but the media is OFTEN at the forefront of shaping public opinion based upon the ideologies of the owners and producers of certain networks. So in essence, we have the classic "which came first the chicken or the egg" and/or "art imitates life" argument.

As for Britney...I wish she could be drafted but that would definitely be a threat to our national security.