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20 February 2008

Mating Growl, 6 of 6


Unfortunately, some men never learn and become road kill, are skinned alive, or worse.

Divorce affects nearly 2 million people directly (and untold children, pets, etc.) each year and is the post script to 43-ish% of all US marriages. The toll increases for each subsequent marriage. For some men, they can't cope and selfishly take their own lives. For others, whose undesired behavior led to the divorce in the first place, they leave a trail of incredible pain, deep seated distrust, vitriolic anger....and often children in a fatherless home that are destined to repeat the cycle. Surely you don't need me to tell that divorce is bad news.

In the first installment of our safari, we explored both the ideal and not-so ideal comparisons between man and beast....human males and Lions. The Lion is supposed be an enduring example of the same things many men want to be associated with: virility, protection, strength, courage and royalty. But increasingly, Lions are also becoming extinct.

"Animal species disappear when they cannot peacefully orbit the center of gravity that is man."
- Pierre-Amédée Pichot

Perhaps when males (and yes, females) center our orbits on our family, our mate and our collective future, instead of our own preservation as a Lion, we will likely live a long, loving, and extinction-free existence.

And isn't a long, loving and extinction-free relationship what we want out of a mate in the first place?


I hope you enjoyed the safari. Please disembark from the tour bus carefully. If you have other 'wildlife' in your life that could benefit from our findings...would you please direct them to the safari's start by clicking the email icon below or directing them to the FEED ME link to the right?

Thank you for helping to develop the Daddio's Daily Dose (D3) readership.

Okay then. What do you want to talk about now? :)


Dana said...

Just another quick comment to let you know how much I enjoyed this series! You did a fabulous job capturing a perspective that, in my experience, is seldom shared. Thank you!

Deb in OPKS said...

I just got back from an anniversary dinner for my parents. They will celebrate 45 years on Saturday. My in-laws just celebrated 42 years. Some guys get it right!

Kat Wilder said...

Enjoyed the insightful and often humorous posts.

A question for deb, though; My parents celebrated (well, marked; they never actually did anything for it) 57 years, but I wouldn't say they've done things "right."

Which then bee the question, if you aren't a really good fit for each other and you've exhausted all the ways to try and make it work, isn't a divorce better? (and I'm not projecting this on your relatives. It's just that longevity itself doesn't mean everything).

As for the next topic, I am very confident you'll pick a good one!

Two Date Diva said...

Great series! I feel like I learned a lot about men in general.

Michael M. said...

Dana, Kat, & Diva: Thank you all for your kind reinforcement. I have learned a few things about y'all from reading your sites so it means a lot hear that you got something out of my series.

Deb: My heroes. What is their secret? I actually asked a guy that once who had been married 60+ years and he had to think about it for awhile since he said he had NEVER been asked that before! Jeesh.

Kat...the pressure is on, eh? :)

Tismee2 said...

Thanks Mike, I really enjoyed this feature - even though I didn't comment on every one.

My fave one was yesterdays and I LOVE the picture of the male up against the wall.

Off to have a friendly growl at my 'mate' - he forgot to put the dishwasher on this morning!

Michael M. said...

Thanks for the feedback Gail. I know you were busy with the great room re-do of 2008 according to your site. :)

"the dishwasher wasn't full yet" - that is what excuse I would be using. :)

Deb in OPKS said...

In response to Kat, I know that not all marriages that last a long time are happy. I know that there have been some rough times for my parents and sometimes my dad was a real ass growing up and I thought the marriage wouldn't survive. But, through it all, my parents truly love each other. My father has been through some very difficult medical issues over the last several years and I have seen how difficult this has been for my mom. My dad drinks too much, you might even lable him an alcholic, he can be a real baby and loves a good pity party. When he's not drinking he's a wonderful man and I'm sure that's part of what my mom sees.

My comment was only in response to Mike's statements about the male ego sometimes getting in the way. For that matter the woman can be the problem as well. Maybe I didn't get all of what he was saying. I don't mean to say that you should stay together regardless. I know sometimes marriages aren't good and the best solution is a divorce. But not all marriages that last a lifetime are miserable. I didn't mean to offend. I was just happy for my parents.