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11 February 2008

Mating Countdown....

When I was a teen, my family got a microwave not too long after microwaves hit the mainstream. A big, honker of a machine that we were scared to be around unattended.

I think it cost $700 and for months all it did was tell time. Yeppers, a $700 clock that took up an entire counter.

Well, we eventually got over our trepidation and learned to make things like hot water and nachos. It was excellent training for my 2 stints as a bachelor because my microwave and I were never far from each other at meal time.

But I digress.....

Technology has a way of transforming our lives and most would agree that it is better with technology than without. As our consumerism moderates and we find our own balance of what technology works for us what is just annoying. For example, cell phones that vibrate when someone calls is okay....cell phones that are constantly on and sound like a siren when they ring are not so okay.

You don't need me to tell you that technology is here to stay; so it should also come as no surprise that technology has embraced the love business too.

I recall an attempt years ago when an outfit tried to equip singles with special bumper stickers with code numbers on them. In traffic, if you made a love connection, you could jot down their code number and call into a service that would help get you the hook up. Right. Yet that was pretty cutting edge at the time.

The blogosphere is buzzing about Valentine's Day later this week and I am struck by how connected, truly connected, some people are as a result of the Internet. It connects lovers and lovers-to-be in some pretty far out ways.

Through the years, I have gathered some mating, dating, kid and marriage lessons - all from a male's perspective. And yes, your mileage may vary. :) On February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day, I will be starting a six (6) part series on Mating, D3 style.

So that you don't miss a single word, be sure to grab your free Daddio's Daily Dose (D3) Feed by selecting your option from the "Feed Me" option on the right panel. Also, please be sure to share with anyone who might be interested in hearing about Mating. :)


Two Date Diva said...

I need all the help I can get with "mating", I'll stay tuned. ;)

Two Date Diva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb in OPKS said...

Oh, this should be interesting. I cannot imagine what a man can say in 6 parts. If my husband was writing it, it would be about 2 sentences. :) Oh well, he may not be the most romantic guy out there, but I love him anyway.

Michael M. said...

Well, it is the quality that counts not the quantity....I remember as a kid writing out ILOVEYOUMOMMYHAPPYVALENTINESDAY with each letter on a separate page of my Big Chief tablet. I got brow beat for wasting paper. :)

Not sure if there will be an epiphany for anyone, but I had this idea a while back and I have been saving it for now...

Michael M. said...

Just in from my maternal unit...she was quick to point out that she cherished all homemade gifts from me and that I was too cute, sweet and winsome to ever get brow beat. So there.

Deb in OPKS said...

Just so you know, I think the guy that doesn't drpwn you in flowers but surprises you once in a while is pretty special. The only problem is, when he tries to be nice and open a car door for me on special nights I don't always catch on! See, we have our faults, too.

Michael M. said...

Totally agree with you on that one Deb! Your story reminds me of when I tried to propose to Tonya before she finally figured out my ploy...I'll have to share that folly some day.