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14 February 2008

Love or Money?

Holiday pressure can be absurd
Unless of course you're Hallmark
Then holidays are for profit
And that certainly is not a lark

Does a card make the day
Or is it the other way around?
And why are non participants made to feel
Like we are really the one who's the clown?

With Valentine's Day for sure
We are supposed to think love is novel
And that its celebrated just one day
And where we buy and dine and grovel

If it wasn't for the card companies
Would we show more love throughout the year?
Or would we still wait until each Feb. 14th
To put our true love in gear?

The pressure is great to perform
And love vendors seize the yearly chance
To screw the late shopper to the wall
Out of his wallet, his shirt and his pants

And pity the poor schmuck in love
Who is just trying to compete
For the fair ladies glance and attention
But can't afford even a movie seat.

The expectation is to dazzle and impress
And the standard is set very high
By the jewelers and florists and the like
Who only want us to buy, buy, buy

For love is usually an afterthought
On holidays buried in so much market flair
Genuine affection is not highly regarded
When what sells is all the hot air

So if this V Day was ideal for you
And you got what made you sappy
Hopefully behind the glitter and the chocolate
The sentiment is what truly made you happy

But if this holiday was the pits
And nothing met your liking
Know that your love life is more than a day
And there is still a year ahead that needs writing

(c) 2008 Daddio's Daily Dose

Tomorrow starts Day 1 of our safari series: Mating Growl
. Please join us tomorrow!


Deb in OPKS said...

I'll take the love and I was quite happy with what I got. Also, I failed miserably; no card, no nothing. But I got 3 pretty little roses and my girls got flowers from their dad. That was the best gift of all!

Michael M. said...

You and me both. We have a yearly Valentines Day scavenger hunt, go figure. It is fun, cheap and family-time...3 of our favorite things!

As always thanks for your comment. I enjoy reading your posts about your family...they all sound terrific!