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26 February 2008

Deal's Derivative

Deal's Derivative -- Workers will always expand to fill the space available to them.

Many moons ago I was out in the woods with my dog. He got skunked. He smelled. I had a SUV at the time, which means it was fully enclosed. Plus it was packed with stuff already. I lived 1.5 hours away. Get the picture?

A week later, I had a new truck with a camper. It was a great because I had all that extra room in the back for smelly stuff, gear (a guy has to have gear) and probably even room to rent out for parties. But then a strange thing happened. By the time I moved all of the contents from my SUV over to my truck, plus just a few other things, then the truck was bulging at the seams for space too. Can you relate?

So Deal's Derivative can take many shapes.

So too in management. If you have ever been in the position to hire someone for a one-time job, paying them $100 for the project will produce much different results than paying them $10 and hour until they complete it.

Family vacation? Ever confined your kid to the back and said "here is your corner, keep you and your stuff contained here." Yeah, right. I am still finding hair clips, arts and crafts and food wrappers hidden in some pretty strange non-approved places in our vehicle.

Is it human nature that we want to keep expanding to our outer limits....or are we just unable to respect boundaries?


Tismee2 said...

Yep, it happens all the time - no matter how many storage boxes you buy for a kid's bedroom they still overflow with toys.

Give a kid a tiny room or a huge room, either way they expand their belongings to fit the space.

I love your exploratory blogs - makes me feel kind of normal.

Michael M. said...

Does that mean I am not normal?? :)

"Making people feel normal, one post at a time...." Perhaps a new slogan is in order?

Kat Wilder said...

Gee, I always thought I was a bit abnormal, but now ...

Stuff — where does it come from? At least when the kids get older, they don't need as much, just more expensive stuff, Wiis, PlayStations, iPods, cars ...

I have to laugh at the new mags like Real Simple and all the new "eco" mags, with all their ads of cool new green products. You really want to live simply? Really want to help the planet? Stop buying shit!!!!

Whew, that felt good. Oops, gotta run — there's a sale I wanna go to ...