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21 February 2008

Comin's Law

Comin's Law -- People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.

Kind of like the consultant principal giving extra credence to the out-of-towner with a brief case. Almost embarrassingly, that has been me before. And it is astonishing how the simple appearance of novelty, exclusivity or travel-from-points-unknown-to-attend-to-your-very-special-problem can engender new commitment, enthusiasm and mystique. And it costs more too.

Of course many people don't know that when Ben was just 15 years old he used to say things under the nom de plume of Mrs. Silence Dogood in his letters to the local paper. I guess he really got the townsfolk talking.

Franklin also used the pseudonym of Richard Saunder's when he published the acclaimed Poor Richard's Almanack, in which he, Richard, famously uttered things like "fish and visitors stink in three days" and "A penny saved is twopence dear".

Since his picture is on the $100 bill and the $4400 he willed to the city of Boston and the city of Philadelphia upon his death grew to a combined $7 million dollars, is it more appropriate to say that Ben is really the most famous for saying that it is money that talks the loudest?

After all, wouldn't people accept our idea with a few "Benjamin's" more readily than with just a kind word?

Is money ever more important than our word? Any examples?


Another note of thanks to everyone who followed the Mating Growl Series and who shared their comments. It had been on my mind awhile after reading so many other blogs where men were characterized as mysterious. Hopefully I helped debunk some of the least from my perspective. If you know others who would enjoy it, benefit from it or giggle from it, would you please help spread the word? The "Feed Me" tab on the right panel is a great, easy and effective way to collect your Daily Dose of Daddio and also share the posts you like with others. Thanks again for your readership!

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