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25 February 2008

Chicken or the Egg?

In the news recently, there was a story of a man from State "A" who bought some un-zoned, county property in State "B" in order to put a Chicken Ranch on it. Not the Chicken Ranch like Dolly Parton ran in the 1982 pic, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", but a real chicken ranch with chickens, eggs and all their, uh, smelly, noisy accoutrement's.

"It's been a business doin' pleasure with you" was the memorable line in the movie.

But not so much pleasure - or good business - in this Chicken story.

Seems the neighbors across the street are in a zoned, municipal residential area that boasts big houses in a gated community, kids in private school and a king sized NIMBY flag a wavin'. (Not In My Back Yard).

The earnest TV reporter called the Chicken Rancher on his Chicken phone.

"Well, I just bought some land out in the country for my chickens so I can harvest some eggs, I wasn't aware that it was across the street from city property where there is a neighborhood." He even added that "I wouldn't want a chicken ranch next to where I live either". He then even went so far as to allude to having looked at other Chicken Ranch location options. Seems like a great foundation for a workable Chicken Ranch solution, right?

Ah, but then our intrepid Chicken reporter discovered this: Apparently, several hundred of the NIMBY Chicken folks called, mailed and emailed this new property owner to demand (chicken threats included) that he take his self and his chickens elsewhere. No, not a "what can we do to promote a Chicken win-win?", but a full blown, holier than thou 'get the flock out of here' demand.

And the result was as predictable as a Chicken crossing the road.

"Well," said the Chicken Man, "I was willing to look into a reasonable alternative until they started telling me what I could and couldn't do".

And now the fight is on like Donkey, er, Chicken Kong...

So which came first, the chicken or the egg entitlement or common courtesy?

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Dana said...

We had a similar situation here, only reversed. I live in a small (3500) farming community in a FAR NW Chicago suburb. Housing prices out here are far more reasonable than they are any closer to Chicago, so folks are moving out this direction to purchase new, 3000 square foot homes for a "reasonable" price. The problem? Well, this is a FARMING community - there is a large pig farm and many, many corn and soy bean farms in this community. The folks moving in are complaining about the smell from the pig farm and the fertilizer for the crops. Hello? Didn't you move here? To this nice, rural community that you felt was a great place to raise your family?? Don't even get me started ...

Deb in OPKS said...

Aaah the self righteous. Sometimes they get what they deserve. I hope he makes their lives miserable.

Deb in OPKS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael M. said...

Priceless Dana. Kind of like the folks that build in a river bottom and then complain when it floods?

Or the folks that buy next to an airport, freeway, etc. and then complain about the noise? Jeesh.

I think everybody should see where their food comes from at least once in their life. It can be an eye opener.

Michael M. said...

Righteo Deb. If I hear an update, I'll be sure to post it...

Your hubby might be able to relate from his law background .... I learned years ago that "Makin' laws is like makin' sausage. Everybody wants the sausage, but nobody wants to see the process needed to get it there." So true I have found time and again.

Tismee2 said...

Good on him and his chickens. It's like when you're driving and some idiot drives right up behind you expecting you to pull into a space as big as a toenail just so he can get past.
Hell No! I will sit there and drive at exactly the speed limit for as long as it takes for him to realise he aint getting past, or until I get bored and let him pass with a patronising shake of my head!

Michael M. said...

You go Gail! My wife has a little car and she wields the same great power over that type of driver in our land of the big truck. I do admit I can be an aggressive driver, but when the other driver has no choice on where to yield, that's just not fair.

Anonymous said...

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Michael M. said...

Thank you for the kind words Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

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