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25 January 2008

Quantum of Solace

In the story, "For Your Eyes Only", Ian Fleming, creator of Mr. Shaken-Not-Stirred James Bond defined a quantum of solace as "that spark of niceness in a relationship that if you don't have, you might as well give up." That little tidbit inspired the 007 franchise to name their latest movie Quantum Solace, which means, generally, a measure of comfort.

Yes. A Measure of Comfort.

  • Ethan's warmth nestled up next to me. Even at barely 13 pounds, he provides incredible warmth to me, inside and out.
  • Fresh Salmon Sashimi. Melts in the mouth like butter. I fill up on most foods, but not sushi. I can eat my weight, your weight and the weight of the Scandinavian Army in sushi. Some say its a curse. I thinks its a gift; a very expensive gift.
  • Slow dance with Tonya. We took dance lessons awhile back and the instructor was amazed (and perhaps even sympathetic) that our goal was not to dance better at a wedding, at a nightclub or on a cruise. We wanted to dance better on our patio on warm summer nights, wine and music flowing. Oh yeah.
  • A job well done. I do several things I call jobs - some paying and some non-paying - and all of them provide a feeling of satisfaction when the objective has been met. Talk is cheap. Action...that leads to a conclusion, is priceless. And working hard at something makes me rest better.
  • A job well done, part 2. As a Dad aka Step-dad of a 'tween, I am aware of the role we play in nurturing their confidence. That is especially critical for the self-esteem of blossoming young lady. I don't always do as well as I want in this department, but gosh it is awesome to be around to see Emily's face when she conquers a difficult task, brings home a stellar grade, cooks a masterpiece or scores a soccer goal. It brings me a smile just thinking about it.
Anything in particular give you a measure of comfort?


Average Girl In Average World said...

1. Touching my childrens chest at night to feel it rising and lowering as they sleep. I am paraniod, thats why it is comforting.
2. Having a big 'ol cup of joe with my mom on Saturday mornings.
3. Knowing I am a great mother.
4. Having a great SO to make this life seem easier.
5. Any type of comfort food!!!!

Michael M. said...

"2. Having a big 'ol cup of joe with my mom on Saturday mornings."

Oh yeah! But with the paper and some cool tunes, not with your mom, though I'm sure she is quite pleasant :)

Dana said...

I get that same warm feeling watching my step-daughter blossom in to a young woman. She may not be mine biologically, but she certainly has my heart!

Michael M. said...

Dana....Amen to that Sista!

Tammy said...

That's so sweet! My hubby and my kids are on the top of my list. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tismee2 said...

My little one when he says he loves me.

My eldest when he just gives me a hug for no reason (doesn't happen that often now he's 15!)

The excitement from my dog Freya whenever she sees me.

A latte and warm apple & cinnamon muffin after shopping.

Tismee2 said...

There is a little something for you on my last post Michael. Hope you don't mind.


Michael M. said...


Non-dog people don't appreciate the unconditional acceptance of a happy, wagging homecoming.

If spouses treated their spouses that way, I bet the divorce rate would drop considerably! Except maybe minus the drool and leg humping? Or not. :)

Thanks for the cool Daily Dose thingee! (and the super nice comment on your site).

Now (says the neophyte) what do I do with it?

Tismee2 said...

I forgot to mention the big kiss on the nose I got after telling Freya she was adorable! Needed a tissue to wipe off the drool!

-another thing non dog owners don't apprciate!

You 'save as' the image and stick it on your sidebar so everyone can see how 'speshal' your blog is!