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26 January 2008

PPPPPerfect Saturday?

Phighlights of a Perfectly Pleasant Pday:
  • Palette Pleasing – Chorizo Migas. Yum.
  • Panera Bread – Free wi-fi. The largest supplier of Free wi-fi in the world in fact (575 locations in 30 states as of early 2007). There are two schools of thought in the tech business today: 1) sell the customer everything humanly possible. (i.e. cell phone companies, etc. that literally, nickel and dime us damn near to death) or 2) give the customer as much as possible and support yourself with ad revenue and sales from goodwill. (i.e. Google, Panera Bread, etc.). Which business model do you like more?
  • Plentiful – I have much to be thankful for….and I hope I never get too self absorbed, forgetful, or just plain idiotic to ever forget how good I have it.
  • Parking violator – People that park in handicapped parking spaces that are not handicapped - and I mean not handicapped – should have to peel the chewing gum off the pavement of Times Square with their teeth. It is not that there is a line of handicapped people waiting for a space, it is the simple, basic and irrefutable principle of it all. And I generally can learn all I need to know about someone by their attitude about illegally parking in a handicapped space (read: lazy, selfish and entitled).
  • Pronto – I was travelling at a speed inconsistent with local traffic laws today, passing some of our areas finest po-po parked on the median running radar in the process. Luckily his phone conversation was more important than our speed infraction. Lucky me.
  • Pals – Emily I got to have some Daddy & Daughter time today. We need more of that. She doesn't remember being an infant and being the center of attention - the way Ethan is now. What she will likely remember though is watching her parents fawn over an infant whilst she gets lectured over her grades, or her messy room, or whatever. It is oh so easy to overlook the world as seen through a 'tween. And one of life's most important lessons: perspective, is not taught in a school.
  • Pounds - 20,000 of them. That is about the size of a spy satellite that is hurtling uncontrollably towards earth as we speak. That is roughly the size of a bus. Oh yeah, it's full of hazmat and classified secrets too and it is expected to smash into our planet - although no one knows where - within the next month or so. How's your home owner's insurance?
  • Paternity – Ethan is entering his giggly phase. If I do nothing else as a father, I can feel good about helping create a child that is so incredibly cute when he giggles.
  • Paganini – Today was a classical music day. Ah, refreshing. Did you know that Paganini, arguably one of the greatest violin virtuoso in history, started his career by using a violin to imitate the sounds of farts? Think of that the next time your kid makes funny sounds with his armpits. :)
  • Psoriasis – Not really, but gosh my skin is dry. I need to drink more water.
  • Parrot head – Been thinking about my first Jimmy Buffet concert in the early 90’s. Wow. [Note: Telling your friends to meet up with you after the first song under the inflatable shark is not original…according to the other concert goers who encountered us while looking for their friends under the same inflatable shark plan. Who knew?]
Plum tuckered out. – See ya tomorrow sports fans….


Dana said...

Thanks for the Paganini insight - it means there is still hope for my oboe playing 11 year old!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Psorasis - I suffer from it. See my article titles "Psorasis"

Michael M. said...

Dana...funny huh? I used to play the trombone and before our lessons started, I taught myself "3 blind mice", which of course I played over and over and over and over. I thought my Mom was going to kill me.

The Oboe 'can' be a beautiful instrument. Tonya used to play Oboe professionally and she still perks up whenever one is being played....

Michael M. said...

AGAW: Great awareness article! Thanks for sharing.

Candi said...

Sounds like a great Saturday! My youngest always get the most attention too. Thanks for the reminder :)

Michael M. said...

Candi....righteo....any day that we all make it home in one piece and with a few smiles here and there is a good day. :)

With 4 kids, I can only imagine how hard it is for you to juggle the attention they all want/need!