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01 January 2008


A friend sent this along the other day. How fortuitous since we just visited the topic.


Want to do more than sign? Put your support behind the folowing non-profit and they will send your care packages to US Troops stationed overseas. According to their site they have already shipped more than 300,000 care packages to US Troops stationed abroad. How fortunate for those troops.

After the attacks against our homeland in 2001, our country was (mostly) unified and sent support by the truck load to among other places, the responders in New York City. One of the often donated items were booties for the search dogs after several emails began circulating around the internet suggesting that the search dogs (the one's authorized and trained to be there anyway) were cutting their paw pads on the Trade Center rubble and needed protection. While that was not true because the dog's pads help them feel the surface and covering them with a bootie is a) a snag hazard and b) hinders their tactile abilities thereby reducing their chances to stay balanced; the donors were nonetheless acting out of compassion and responded to the viral nature of email campaigns. Viral email campaigns can be powerful tools, yes?

The patriotism and unified front after 9/11 was inspiring. Then later, the support for our troops going off to war was impressive. Since then of course, our country has lost much of it's outward support of our troops and replaced with a politicized statement on the war itself. How unfortunate for those troops.

Why can't people that hate the game, do so without hating the players too?

In an all volunteer armed forces, they protect the freedom's we all cherish (or feel entitled to, as the case may be). And we don't outwardly or mindfully cherish those freedom's until someone tries to take them away, then we scream to high heaven. Anybody else see a problem with that? So while we may never agree on the substance of the mission that facilitates that protection of freedom, we should understand that the men and women in uniform have volunteered for what seems through history as a thankless undertaking.

You wanna talk smack about a political figure? Well, you better confine it to these 50 states tough guy because in many places in the world, political dissent the way American's are accustomed to doing it will get you killed. Our democracy - including one's right to be anti-whatever, came at a price. And that price was paid in part with the blood of our volunteer military throughout American history. The uniform and the flag that our soldiers wear represents that fought-for freedom and the commitment to serve something greater than themselves.

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including my life."

- Anonymous

Call me silly, but when someone writes a check like that on behalf of me and my American Citizen family, they deserve a hearty approbation, regardless of their assigned mission.

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