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09 January 2008

Ethan Goes to Camp

Not like the Oscar favorite, Ernest Goes to Camp...and, well, not really like camp at all either, really. Wow, I bet you feel deceived.

Ethan started his part time, in-home day care this week. See? The truth isn't nearly as catchy.

As satisfied as we are with this arrangement, I chuckle at a recent memory about day care. From my visits to the estrogen ocean (aka iVillage), I learned that there is an armed militia of mom's that would sooner poke a sharp stick in their eye (or in my eye, as the case may be) before ever allowing their little Gidget to be in the arms of another during the day. Somehow that distaste for other people holding their own baby extends to criticizing complete strangers for any difference of opinion too. What-ever.

Ethan's new part time hang out is groovy. It smells good (except an hour after lunch she says), is tidy and the kids are all relaxed and happy. The head duck is a mature woman from New Yaawk and has been changing other people's kid's diapers for over 20 years. That is quite a pedigree.

Only a handful of other kids are there too and except for one other bambino, they are all barely knee high to a grasshopper. Whenever we walk in the munchkins all exclaim "baby! baby! baby!" with the same unbridled enthusiasm as Steve Martin had in "The Jerk" when the new phone book arrived.

And come on now, wouldn't you scream with delight too if this little guy came into your house? :)


Two Date Diva said...

Aww, he's adorable! On another note, keep sticking around ivillage, we need more men there. If you ever get the urge, surf over to some the dating boards and help out us girls trying to find a man to give us adorable babies! We also love a guy that will give us input.

Michael M. said...

Thanks! He definitely gets his looks from Tonya. Unfortunately I don't know anything about dating MEN and making babies with them! You should ask my wife (hubba, hubba). :)

Next time I feel up for a lynching, I might stop by the village....:)

Deb in OPKS said...

Is that blue eyes and red hair I see? I'm so jealous. I wanted one of my girls to have that but the red hair faded to blond :(

As far as daycares go, I've used them and I've ran a day care for 4 1/2 years. I also audited the Missouri daycare licensing system. There are some bad ones (usually in the "you get what you pay for" arena) but more good ones. Yes, you have to be diligent and check them out, but there are advantages to them and some wonderful daycare providers. I'm glad you found someone you like. Bottom line is trust your gut!

Michael M. said...

Blue eyes and red hair indeed...when he was born his hair was like a mop but old age is apparently causing it to thin a bit.

Thanks about the day care insight. We feel good about it because among other things, the provider is big on skill development. She promised that she would have Ethan juggling knives in no time! That's good, right? :)