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06 January 2008

Dancing Queen

If you read the title and guessed ABBA, the 1970's pop sensations from Sweden, you would be partly right. ABBA was easier to say than the very Swedish names of the two couples that started with an A, B, B & A. They have sold an amazing 370 million records. Wow. I am jamming to them on my iPod at the moment. The 70's was when I came of age musically so when I hear a good 70's pop tune it takes me back to my long summers in southern Nevada, exploring, doing boy things and of course, rockin' out to my hand held transistor radio. Oh yeah.

In the 70's, the musical airwaves weren't much different than they are today. Over 300 songs produced each year, but only 30 of them played on the radio. Over and over. And over and over and over. Yeah, like now.

There is as I write a room full of big brain marketing types (a caucus perhaps?) that are concocting the next big thing to cram down our throats. And whatever that 'thing' is, they will cram it relentlessly into our daily lives until we submit. And submit we will. The songs we hear, the clothes we wear, the toys we play with and so on. Pop culture is not generally what we is what they want us to want. There are exceptions of course, but not as many as we might think.

But I digress....

I am pretty sure, no scratch that, I am definitely sure that pop stars of yesteryear had their issues. But we sure didn't hear about them in every gory detail like we do now.

The recently defrocked dancing queen, or as some call her, Pop Princess, Britney Spears had another meltdown. Hers appears to be a life out of control. And she is not alone. If you were to dig through the crime blotters, news stories and civil court filings of our nation during the holidays, they would be littered with stories of divorced parents having the come-a-parts over having to hand their kid over to their ex spousal unit during the holidays. It is a sad state of affairs anyway you look at it. For everybody in that drama. Right or wrong, plenty of 'normal' people that are caught up in a similar drama do make it through and then go back to work running a company, selling electronics, serving customers, delivering pizza, whatever. And not even their nosy neighbor Blanche has a clue.

But if you are a 'celebrity', add the paparazzi (Italian word for buzzing, blood sucking mosquito, by the way) and your very private drama becomes front page news. Why front page? Because the public demands it. Why does the public demand it? Because those aforementioned marketing caucus-heads tell us that we want it. And then, like an alcoholic at a Boston St. Patrick's Day Block Party, we just can't seem to say no.

Ever feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel?

It is actually pretty simple really. Never, ever turn on the radio, read a paper, log onto the Internet, watch TV and you can save yourself from this perfectly legal but pervasive social programming. Okay? Or, if you don't want to pursue such draconian methods, then you and your friends tune into Daddios Daily Dose and we will tackle the world's ills together.

In the meantime, time to go jam to some Gloria Gaynor.....peace out.

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