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17 January 2008

5 Things Teachers Do Better Than The Rest Of Us

Here are 5 things that Elementary teachers do better than the rest of us:

  1. Not get sick. Even though they are around 100's of little booger eating, hands in pants, coughing on each other, germ factories every day. What is their secret??

  2. Exhibit Herculean patience. 30 screaming kids per class, liquefied Coco Puffs running through their bloodstream, body self-discovery happening, issues galore...and they still can sip tea in the lounge without feeling the need to hurl the mug into the wall. Wait, that is tea, isn't it?

  3. Appreciate the innocence of youth. The future, literally, is a soft, malleable, molten glob of limitless potential sitting at their disposal every day. What an awesome responsibility, and opportunity.

  4. Tolerate Idiots. Like in any walk of life, there are bottom feeders, and that includes some school kids and the parents that hatched them. Teachers can't say that, but I can. There are some incredible displays of blame and entitlement that go on in those hallways; and where in our adult world we can ignore, cajole or otherwise smack down the 10% (your mileage may vary) that ruin it for the rest of us, teachers find a way to accommodate - and tolerate - everyone. Amazing.

  5. They give 'numbers'. In our local school, any of a variety of missteps can result in the issuance of a dreaded 'number' in your class journal. They can be for repeatedly forgetting homework, talking during class, being tardy, misusing school supplies, etc. If one accumulates a predetermined total, then bad things start happening like detention, seeing the principal or having a cheese grater rubbed on your forehead and then swabbed with rubbing alcohol. Okay, the last one was made up but you get the picture. In our adult world we don't have such a simple system, which is a shame. As managers, we are often hamstrung by excessively lawyer-ized policies that tends to obscure the core issue. If we took money away from adult workers after they collected enough 'numbers', you can be assured the underlying behavior would stop. Just ask any 3rd grader.

And an honorable mention:

...Teachers give awesome gifts. We were truckin' along and out of nowhere the other teachers at Tonya's school bequeathed us an incredibly generous offering as a welcome gift for Ethan being born. Maybe there is some arm twisting or secret mano-a-mano going on but all I know is that I did not expect such generosity, especially with so many other people that they presumably are accommodating this time of year too.

So, if you have a child, know a child or were a child; they live a life of mostly decent, clean, non-idiotic behavior and they can form basic sentences, then take a moment to thank a teacher for all of the things that they do for us and not do to us.

Do you know a teacher or someone else who might enjoy this little ode? Of course you do! You can hit the email button below and you can fire this post off to the recipients of your choosing.


Tismee2 said...

I'm a teacher - but I have the joy of 'teaching' adults who as yet have failed to gain the idea that being employed and gaining respect as a decent citizen is something to strive for. They are the adults who if nothing else seem to be able to reproduce better than anyone and who could pass a degree in 'working' the social benefits system.

Do I qualify for some kind of badge?

Dana said...

A couple of years ago I tracked down my 6th grade teacher (no simple task as I am over 40) and sent him an email telling him what a HUGE difference he made in my life during a very difficult time. The response I received from him was nothing short of my memories of him.

Michael M. said... absolutely qualify ... for a badge, a medal and a extra week of holiday. :)

Sounds like quite a collection of students...who would be in jail if they weren't attending your class!

Michael M. said...

Dana: Wow. I had one of those too and they make such a huge difference. How awesome that you took the time to offer thanks...especially with the thankLESS environment they are in now.

Hopefully some of Tonya's comrades will stop by and be inspired by your message too!

Tismee2 said...

Thanks Michael, I will pass this on to my boss!
and also thanks for the 'Abi'too. At least someone reads the sidebar!!!

Nap Warden said...

My Mom is a teacher...She was actually my teacher when I was in grade school. I think most kids were afraid of her, including me;)
Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Michael M. said...

Nap Warden....tough luck. I bet you can relate: Emily is much better behaved at school knowing the speed in which any misbehavior would get reported back to her mom. :) Thanks for stopping by!