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09 December 2007

Weekly Musings

People and things that made me grin this past week:

  1. The Muppets - Old School fun. We watched the Muppets Christmas Carol and the one liners and characters are quite comical. Good clean family fun.

  2. Barney - 18 year old dog that lives with Emily's classmate. The dogs is allergic to his allergy medicine. Irony knows no limits. Poor Barney.

  3. Students in one of my urban search & rescue classes this past week - It never gets old seeing the tough, burly firemen come to class with bravado and who leave knowing how and when to scream like an excited little girl (to entice a new search dog in training to come find them in a pile of concrete rubble and earn their toy). That's dedication!

  4. Talk Radio show - (only one station in range where I was!) that demonized a new movie about a compass (?) because it is based on a fictional book that does not support the same religion that the radio station supported. The radio hosts said that their religion was threatened by this fictional movie based on a fictional book. I guess they are not very confident about their religion because they said nobody should see the fictional movie because then they might want to actually go read the fictional book! I always feel so much more sane when I hear about ridiculously funny campaigns like the one they were advocating.

  5. Ethan Thunder Pants - his new nickname given to him by some of Tonya's elementary students after she described the volume and intensity of Ethan's gaseous gastric release.

  6. Ethan - for deserving the name Thunder Pants.

  7. My neighbor and I (only 2 of many in our area I'm sure) racing the sunlight and the impending bad weather to get our outdoor holiday decorations up. His house lights are straighter and more professional looking than mine every year so I try to make up for it with gaudy volume. Hopefully I don't embarrass the 'hood too much. At least we both get to stay inside today while it is cold and rainy outside. Who has the last laugh now?

Cheers to all.

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