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09 December 2007


Ethan is doing well in his reading assignments. For a 7 weeker anyway. It looks like this: We read, he coos and occasionally looks at the pages. We keep the book away from the downstream side of his mouth for those occasional liquid burps. Ahh, nice.

The Bears' Christmas by Stan and Jan Berenstain is our current read. It is a story about a little bear that receives a few groovy winter sports gifts for Christmas: skates, ski's and a sled. The Dad takes his enthusiastic Son outside to help him learn how to have fun with them, etc. In the process, the Dad trips over his own enthusiasm and makes a bit of a fool out of himself. The Son is loving every minute and you can sense a bit of coming of age that occurs when the Son starts to do things better than the Dad.

My Dad told me when I was younger one of the tenets of being a child: improve the breed. Ergo, make the family proud, learn from his mistakes and improve each future generation. Sure seems like sound advice to me. I wrote about a few Dads that are doing that earlier.

In a recent issue of Mens Health magazine, NFL legendary quarterback John Elway mentioned the dynamic of his Son learning the game of football (and life) from him while at the same time learning to become his own player (and man). I don't know how well that is going with the Elway's but at least John is present in his son's life as a male influence.

But I digress....

The aforementioned bear book is now obsolete. As in, we got it because it was going to be trashed (literally, destined to be shredded and to line a bird cage somewhere) by a school Tonya used to work for. It is also out of print by the publisher.

Again, someone much wiser and big brained than me can surely extol the reasons why a book like this is no longer circulated. Perhaps the Dad should have been more cavalier, or less? Perhaps the kids should have been scarred by such a bumbling father and run home to his mother or to wet the bed?

I'm not sure, but I am glad that I have a book that I can share with Ethan that humanizes a father's attempts to create a memorable experience for their child. Are there others?

For now though, I think I will go practice juggling while dancing like a chicken in front of Ethan ....

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