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17 December 2007

"P For Hours"

Hangover? Too much eggnog? Iced tea? Prostate problem?

Nope. Just an "Open for 24 Hours" sign with the "O", "en", and "24" missing. Never let it be said that my family can not entertain itself.

Cheap entertainment I tell ya. We can giggle and guffaw for, well, minutes at least, over a few well placed, burned out light bulbs.

But wait, there's more!

Spoon-er-ism ; (spōō'nə-rĭz'əm) ; A reversal of sounds in two words, with humorous effect. Spoonerisms were named after William Spooner, an English clergyman and scholar of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In one spoonerism attributed to him, he meant “May I show you to another seat?” but said, “May I sew you to another sheet?”

These are mostly funny to Emily because spoonerisms seem to occur most often, and are detected the most often, when Tonya or I are in mid lecture.

I am often reminded of this one, circa 2005:

{Setup: I was particularly disturbed with Emily's perceived lack of using her noodle in a specific situation....and that spun into a full blown, runaway train lecture extraordinaire about thinking, planning, acting, ad nauseum}

"Emily! Enbrage your Gain!"

Of course I was nearly in full rigor at the time and my command of the situation was well, commanding (hey, it's my story). That is, until my above unfortunate spoonerism. Emily, who was dutifully taking the load of, uh, wisdom from me at the time, could not contain her chuckle. And of course neither could Tonya, who was trying not to spray Diet Coke from her nose. And after 7 month's, 3 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours of licking my pathetic wounds of my masterpiece lecture being sabotaged by a *#$*%^# spoonerism, I got to where I couldn't contain my chuckle either.

I hope ol' Bill Spooner got beat up by the bike racks for inventing such a dastardly piece of verbiage.

And now you know why my blog is in editable, written form instead of in some Live format.

Here's wishing that you and yours are having your own feap chun.


Jeff A said...

Not quite a spoonerism, but a distant relative:
Tyler loves to share what he learns from his classmates at school. So on this occassion he demonstrates his newfound knowledge to the family--"Did you guys know that in prison you get raped "annually"?
Well Tammy gives me that puzzled look...clearly thinking "I think he means something else." And I, not wanting to go there, calmly reply to Tyler while giving Tammy that "I'm not going to correct him" look..."yes Tyler, we know."

Michael M. said...

Awesome...though I won't ask how Tyler's classmate knows what happens to your, uh, "annual" in prison. :) Nice save Jeff & Tammy!


Anonymous said...