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04 December 2007

Management Material?

Ethan is destined for greatness. Besides his thoroughbred DNA, he has that extra something that only is apparent to the especially observant.

Management Skills.

We've all had the undesired kind of managers right? Starting with the evil parent that doles out chores on the weekend when we were kids, the grocery store assistant-to-the-assistant shift leader that barks at us to go collect the cart at the end of the lot, delaying our break time or the paranoid department head that is desperately trying to get ahead by stepping on our, uh, shoulders. Of course we hopefully had some good managers too, because thankfully there are some good ones out there too of course.

But I digress...

Our family's fake Christmas Tree was erected last night. It took awhile to put up because of the lead in it no doubt.

Emily, Tonya & Mike: Checking the lights, sweeping the fallen needles.
Ethan: Watching and coo-ing (editorializing our uncoordinated effort no doubt). Management Material

We have tokens of our family history that we hang as ornaments each year so it is fun to reflect on each experience while we hang the item.

Emily, Tonya & Mike: Laughing at the hand made ornaments Emily made to represent each of our dogs, then crying at the ornament that represents the dog who we lost this year.
Ethan: Outbursts of cries and whimpers from his perch (commanding us to hurry up with the job - to avoid paying us overtime no doubt). Management Material

Eventually, it was done and the other dust collectors, I mean, holiday bling, were placed around the house.

Emily, Tonya & Mike: Sat enjoying this year's display while listening to holiday music.
Ethan: Snoozed (after claiming credit for the work no doubt, his boredom overtook him and he fell asleep while we finished cleaning up). Management Material

So, like any respectable minion, we took the opportunity to poke good fun at the 'boss' while he was napping....

Time for my mandatory break now. It's in my employment contract.

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