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10 December 2007

Do Right, Dude

Power is the ability to do good things for others. - Brooke Astor

Simply said, but seldom done. Unfortunately.

Two very good friends of mine have close family members that are suffering from incurable cancer. The good news is that an estimated 10.5 million Americans are living with a previous diagnosis of cancer ... but nearly 600,000 people will still lose their lives to cancer this year alone.

Thank goodness it is not me or my family...right? Well of course, nobody wants that for anybody. But does that mean that we turn our attention to supporting China's economy, playing XBox or noshing on gingerbread cookies? Perhaps. But could we do more?

How 'bout chewing on this?:

Character is what you do when no one is looking. - Unk.

Few venues are as anonymous as the Internet. Is there an obligation to act on behalf of others? I hope not, that would take the fun and charity out of it.

There is however a golden opportunity for those than can to give something of value and I encourage each reader to consider doing just that. Please.

Here's an example. I spoke previously about my friend Trout. He is a major league do-gooder and my life is better because I know him and his family, including his Dad, who has mentored me on more than one memorable occasion. His Dad that now has cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Trout is the guy I spoke of that is climbing Aconcagua in Argentina later this month. Because he can. He has re-dedicated this mission to support his father and to help find a cure for his disease. And, since you asked (wink, wink), yes you can help.

At the above site you can learn about the mission, meet the climbers and find information how to donate to the lymphoma research in Trout's dad's name.

Donating to lymphoma research for a stranger too impersonal? There are plenty of other ways to be a giver and not just a gifter this season too.

I wrote earlier about serving others. That article can be revisited by clicking here. Click here to learn about giving and getting inexpensive laptops. Still stuck on having instead of giving? try this:

Giving is true having. - Charles Spurgeon


Anonymous said...

The quote about character? I say that all the time. I still don't know who it's by. You're pretty insightful.


Michael M. said...

Thanks Tai...hopefully someone will post it's source and then we will both know. Stay safe...and thanks for the kind words. Mike.

Two Date Diva said...

Great blog. I found you on the ivillage boards. Good to have another guy around to keep us women straight.

Michael M. said...

Thanks Diva. I learn more than I dispense so thanks back at ya. Come back soon...