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31 December 2007

Climb for a Cure

My buddy Trout is on the move.

While most of us are sitting by the fire, eating week old ginger bread cookies, Trout is climbing the tallest peak in South America. I searched for some comparison to his activity and mine, but alas, besides us both being human, right handed and neither of us speaks Farsi....the comparison pretty much stops there.

He is scaling the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, is raising money to fight non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma to honor his father, is making his friends and family very proud and, oh yeah lest I forget, he is elevating the human race along the way.

If you have never done it, climbing a challenging peak is a wondrous, confidence building and soul enriching experience. It is the classic Man versus Nature competition. But for sure, it is not for everyone. For those without the predilection or understanding of why someone would attempt such a feat, I doubt I ever could adequately explain it.

George Mallory, the English Explorer who in 1923 was preparing for an attempt to summit the world's highest peak (Everest in between Nepal and Tibet) was asked by a probing reporter: "Why?" A worthy question indeed since a successful summit of the 29,029 foot Everest was not documented until Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay accomplished it in 1953, a full 30 years after Mallory tried. Mallory famously replied to the reporter: "because it is there."

Wow. So, what are you doing this week?

In Trout's home state, there was a nifty newspaper feature on him and his mission today. It is a good read with pictures and an interview. (click the link to be magically transported there)

While you are on-line, why not skip on over to his site, Climb For a Cure at and check it out? If so inspired (duh, like, who wouldn't be?), the site has easy instructions on how to start out the year with a nice fat tax deductible donation to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. In addition, the Climb for a Cure site, along with some interesting back story, a link to the Lymphoma Foundation, Trout and his climbing partner, Mark, have a blog that will be called in via Satellite phone (talk about embracing technology!), plus they sell some awfully darn cool t-shirts to commemorate their expedition. It's almost like being on the mountain with them, but with more oxygen.

What a great way to redeem ourselves from the excesses of the holiday's eh?

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