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15 December 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Emily is developing into quite the culinary artist. It must be in her genes - and as you'll hear, sometimes on her jeans - because her mother and her mother's mother are particularly pretty and pleasant palette pleasers too (sorry, 'twas having a bit of fruitiness).

Tonya is a great role model for Emily because Tonya is never intimidated by a mixed assortment of fixin's. She can enter a cupboard that mere mortals would agree as being barren and emerge 30 minutes later with a James Beard Foundation award winner. Amazing, and yummy.

Back to Emily. She loves pancakes. It's her thing. And it's our thing to encourage her to gain experience in the things that she loves. Which brings us to ground zero, our kitchen, at 0900 this morning.


The distant and under-developed cousin to the more popular pancake.

And boy, did she make a mess.

Of course, therein lies an opportunity as a parent to nurture, encourage, coach and inspire our kids to learn, to develop and to never quit. Right?

Or we could laugh hysterically at the dog-dookie morsels stuck to the pan.

Well, being the equality based opportunists we are, we did both.

It is said that Thomas Edison himself attempted to make a functioning light bulb 1000 times before finally constructing a design that could maintain illumination. When asked how he could possibly have maintained a positive outlook in the face of such consistent failure he replied..."I did not fail 1000 times to make a light bulb, I succeeded in finding 1000 ways to not make a light bulb."

Today Emily has very much made her family and her long heritage of family chef's proud. And I bet not one of them has ever succeeded in that unique way to learn how not to make pancakes.

Oh, and I also bet I know how Spencer's developed the prototype for fake dog dookie.


prekbabe said...

Ok, so I took some time yesterday to catch up on your parenting escapades. DO YOU HAVE A BROTHER? YOU ARE SUCH A RIOT!!! I spent most of the time crying I was laughing so hard. Tonya and Emily are so lucky to have you in their lives. I especially loved the whole breastfeeding thing and the "mom" comments.

Michael M. said...

Thanks for your readership PreKBabe! Real Life can be so much more entertaining than Fiction. And I feel like *I* am the lucky one...