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16 December 2007

Annual Letter

I took a stab at writing our year end family letter today.

It has been a couple of years since we sent one out even though they were usually well received, plus we greatly enjoy the letters we receive from our friends. Right or wrong, it is often the only way we know what the hap's are with our friends that we don't communicate with that often throughout the year.

Another advantage about yearly family status letters is that the we get to tell the story. I first learned the value of this when Former President Reagan left office. He said goodbye from the oval office and addressed the nation with his list of notable accomplishments. Absent on his national telecast of course were the more controversial events in his presidency such as the Iran-Contra Affair. Entering an age of greater political awareness at that time, I followed the debate and criticism of his 'sanitized' farewell. It was noted by my father that it was Reagan's farewell story and he earned the right to tell it as he pleased. Touche.

So if ever send it out, the recipients of this year's letter will hear about our family vacation, the birth of our son and the death of our stalwart K9. Here is a partial list of our Iran-Contra-esque items that will probably not make the cut to be in our annual story:
  1. Ethan puking milk up my nose because I was jostling him after eating while holding him over my face.
  2. Me (aka Captain Pre-Plan) running out of gas on a busy highway after bickering with Tonya about something, then having to eat crow when I call her back begging for help.
  3. Losing my marbles with a bunch of 'tweens who came to a soccer tourney to goof off instead of compete.
  4. Tonya's ear's plugging up aka pluhgdb ubd 23 hours every day for 8 months due to pregnancy rhinitis (gosh, I never thought we would live long enough to joke about that!)
  5. Our garage door having to be replaced because gravity and continuous electrical current wins over an 11 year old's wish for the door to magically return to its track by pressing the button 78 thousand times. Ever see aluminum crumple like paper?
  6. Eating a 1000-year-old duck egg at a Halloween Party because I thought it would be a good illustration to Emily about the importance of expanding our comfort zone (who wasn't even there at the time it turns out). Yuck.
Hmmm. Perhaps there is a reason we only send our family status letters once per year!

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