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22 November 2007

Turkey Day 2007

My wonderful wife can cook anything. We have 2 kinds of books in abundance, cookbooks and children's books. As a bachelor of some regard, I was able to sustain myself on crackers, ketchup, lemonade (if it sounds like a bunch of free stuff from a KFC condiment bar, give yourself a star) and on a good week, tortillas, cheese, hot sauce and cheap beer. That is to say, I can usually come up with something to sustain myself out of very little. Yet I can gaze into our pantry full of stuff and not come up with a single dish to prepare. Tonya Tomato - we go through phases where we all get names and that one was hers for awhile - can come out of that same pantry and prepare a meal for the ages. As if to mock the kitchen gods, the less she has to work with and the less time she has, the better the food is. It is a zone that only true artisans can understand I suppose. If she were to write them down, we would have even more cookbooks. I love her cooking, did I say that?

Holidays are especially nice because she - and now with her able apprentice Emily - spend hours in the kitchen making goodies whose aroma fills the neighborhood. A secret? They are all healthy. Super duper healthy. Tonya is a budding nutritionist and as a lover of well prepared food, we are the lucky recipients of some awfully good, tremendously healthy fare. She makes pies for the neighbors and a famous Mississippi Mud Pie for the winners of a contest at her school. Taking after her mother, another awesome cook, Tonya has been making yummy food since she had to cook entire meals for her family starting at age 10. Maybe someday she will pursue that passion and obvious skill beyond our homestead.

Your taste buds lathered up yet?

So here we are on what is arguably the most celebrated cooking day of the year and want to hear about what Tonya is preparing?

Nada, zilch, bupkis. And I think it is great. In her illustrious cooking career, she has escaped 35+ consecutive years of not ever being at the stove on Thanksgiving. Not by design really, just by happenstance.

So today we travel short distance to my mother's house to talk turkey and to eat some turkey.

You and yours enjoy and please stay safe.

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