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29 November 2007

Swedish Meatballs

Well, the cereal box project is done and it looks fabulous. After a rolling start, Emily did a great job. In fact, she earned a grade of 105 including extra credit. Good Job Emily!

Factoid: Did you know that the condition known as the Stockholm Syndrome is named after a 1973 bank robbery gone awry - in Stockholm Sweden, duh - where the hostages became enamored with their hostage takers and even defended them during an escape attempt? Now you know.

Sweden is also the originating country for IKEA, which is a pretty nifty store full of home goodies of every conceivable variety. Highly creative stuff of okay quality at an okay price. Clever folks, those Swedes.

Speaking of Swedes, we are approaching the annual airing of the Muppet's Christmas DVD. For those a little slow on the uptake, one of the Muppet's is a Swedish Chef named "Sjøø Hjørste Früden de Gooste Boodne Oonde oot te Fæbbe Sjørt-Fÿrste de Børnd", a/k/a TOM. I remember fondly watching the Muppet's as a kid and giggling at all the skits. Jim Henson: another clever dude. I hope he is Muppet Heaven somewhere.

Speaking of chefs, Tonya whipped up a cherry pie the other night that was terrific. It was one of those that looked soo purty that you didn't want to eat it. But, being the shameless heathens that we are, we did anyway. Even young Ethan showed some appreciation by trying to wiggle jiggle his way toward a piece. Nice try fella...but your diapers are not ready for reconstituted cherries.

Speaking of wiggling and jiggling.....well, never mind. I promised Tonya I would keep it clean.

For those who bet whether I would ever weave Cereal Box, Sweden, Cherry Pies and the Muppet's into one post, enjoy your winnings. Gosh, what will I think of next?

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