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15 November 2007

Sherpa Jeff

Ethan got to meet his ‘uncle’ Trout today. Trout and I have been best buddies for 30 years. I realized in telling our story to Emily on the way to school that I have not done very many things consistently for 30 years. I have continually taken breaths, known my family and known Trout (and Dwyer) for 30 years, everything else by comparison makes me a short timer.

Trout is a special guy. He is father of two boys and doting husband to one. He has accomplished some outstanding things in his life including scaled several significant mountain peaks, flown airplanes all over the world and has served his country for 20+ years. I am proud to call him my friend and Sherpa. Trout’s first son pooped in my hand when he was baby so I am almost ashamed to admit it that out of all of the worldly things we could have talked about during Trout’s short visit, I sure thought it would be great folly for Ethan to return the favor. Oh well, Ethan obviously has more class than me already. Trout will be scaling Aconcagua in Argentina in early January of 2008 so keep him in your thoughts for a successful mission and a safe return.

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