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24 November 2007


Ethan gave us couple of nice gifts today and we didn't even have to stand in line:

  1. a booger as long as my middle finger. Sadly, I think he caught my cold so he has the sniffles, and productive ones at that. Sucking boogers out of my baby's schnaz with a mini-turkey baster was never on my list of things to do when I was a kid.
  2. a smile. My oh my. The curled up mouth finally wasn't associated with gastric expulsion of the infant variety (aka: baby farts). How can any parent expect to carry on about their day when they have a baby that smiles at them?!? If only we could bottle it up and sell it...we could bankrupt all the anti-depressant and pain killer companies all at once.
Speaking of giving, here is nifty idea: One Laptop Per Child. The big brains over at MIT have developed a $399 laptop with some pretty nifty, kid friendly features. But, ah, like all seemingly good deals, there is a can't buy one outright. You must donate the $399. And oh yeah, they first give a laptop to a deserving child in a developing nation. AND, they also give you a laptop too for your trouble (complete with a free year of T-Mobile HotSpot service). And to make matters worse, they even let you write off 1/2 of that $399 donation. Oh those philanthropists....what will they think of next? Seems like a great way to give and to receive, all in one transaction.

Enjoy your family.

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