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24 October 2007

Dogs R Us

I have dogs. I love dogs. I train dogs and I work dogs. That is to say I know a few things about dogs. In fact, some might say I know more about dogs than their human counterpart…children. But alas, it is my blog and my story. Therefore, I take liberal use of implementing K9 behavior and applying it to humans and vice versa. So far, it has worked quite well for me thank you very much. There are some important Laws of Behavior that will no doubt ooze forth from time to time, but speaking dog also provides some comedy while comparing them to children. Today, we watched Ethan offer one of his many faces and like all goofy parents, we tried to apply a resulting behavior to them. This behavior, a productive urination, produced a hearty pursed lip and, when done, a vigorous shaking of one leg, as if to you know, shake the dew from his lily. Male dogs, male humans and males of all species know this private ceremony after a productive pee.

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