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16 November 2007

Bottom's Up

Today marks Ethan’s 4th week among us. He celebrated by soiling himself 3 times in a row. Today we also introduced him to a new nipple. This one however is far less glamorous than his previous nipple experience. To get him – and his soon to be distraught mother – ready for long periods without her vegetarian breasts (as Emily so thoughtfully calls them), I had learn to nourish from a bottle duty. Ethan took to it like white to rice. While I am pleased with this newest example of his brilliance and catch-on-quickly-ness, I also know that it marks the beginning of the very slow and often painful process of seeing the bond between child and mother get pulled apart. Tonya is such an excellent mother, in so many ways, that the thought of not providing for Ethan or Emily at their moment of need is excruciating, no matter how suitable the replacement service is.

I will celebrate this new opportunity to bond with Ethan in relative silence.

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