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19 October 2007


SUMMARY: The Eaglette Has Landed.

DETAILS: At 6:08am, 19OCT 2007 in {edited for privacy}, Ethan Michael {edited for privacy}finally forced his way out and has joined Tonya, Emily and me at the family table. Since stats are important I am told, here are his:

Weight: 6.7 pounds
Length: 19 inches long
40 meter dash: 4.2 second
Phone Numbers slipped into his nursery crib for ‘play dates’ by smitten female infants: 4

Tonya is awesome and is the real hero in all of this. She has endured more during this pregnancy than what most women and no man I know could have. She took ‘taking one for the team’ to a whole new level and I couldn’t be more happy to share this experience with her. When it was finally time, she gritted her teeth and – drug free – escorted little Ethan to the light. Impressive.

Ethan’s plan stayed consistently clear even before arrival when he vigorously kicked (or paddled) all the way down the birth canal in near record time. From Tonya’s first signs of contracting to his ta-da-I-am-here moment, it was barely 3 hours (not including the 6 weeks of pre-labor contractions of course!). After he was placed in the new baby kiosk by the neo natal special forces ….he proceeded to pee, a lot, on them, the wall and the apparatus. His territory has been duly marked I suppose. I am just waiting to see dry cleaning, equipment repair and a new paint job on our hospital invoice.

Physically, Ethan is fine or will be as far as we know. Since the speed in which he travelled the birth canal was like a basketball bouncing off the rim into the basket, his faced got bruised all over, which will quickly heal. Now though, he looks a little like a memory foam doll that hasn’t sprung back to shape yet, particularly his head that went from the width of a couple of DVD’s to the size of round Texas grapefruit just by being born. Incredible stuff for those that haven’t experienced it in person.

Want to see the little booger? The hospital took a couple of obligatory baby pics and posted them on their site
: {edited for privacy}. Appearance wise, he will still be in the ‘not a fetus, not yet a human’ stage (sorry Britney), but for us, he is captivating beyond words. The more I gaze at him the more astonished and hopelessly attached I become. After the phase where he looks like an ‘old drunk Irishman’, I have no doubt he will be dashing to more than just his parents too. :)

No Neonatal ICU for this boy! He is assigned to the general population nursery and barring some south turn tomorrow, he will go the {edited for privacy} Hacienda with us on Sunday. How cool is that? He is nursing fine and has gifted us with more than his daily quota of tar filled diapers…which I am getting better at replacing without getting the goo all over a wiggly baby, the crib and myself. Ritz Cracker anyone?

Tonya’s and Ethan’s fan base has grown to include many from the medical team that attended to them for all those weeks during her preterm delivery ‘challenges’. When Tonya’s name came up on their Jumbotron as being back in-house, with a newborn this time, they began streaming over to see her and meet this child that they spent so much time attending to in-utero but had never met. Tonya’s charm and appeal as a patient aside, these medical folks are committed to their craft and to their patient’s final objective, and that doesn’t end just because their shift does. How great is that to be around – and be treated by - people that are so thoughtfully and thoroughly mission oriented. Our pregnancy ended in success in large part due to the dedication of those folks at {edited for privacy} Hospital. In additional we also owe many, many people a collective thanks for your well wishes, prayers, offers and far ranging support. So while this chapter in Ethan’s Epic Story comes to an end, our appreciation for your kindness does not.

Thank you again. Now, in search of a nap….

Mike, Tonya, Emily….and ETHAN!

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