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05 October 2007


Ah, we meet again so soon.

Tonya is back at the {edited for privacy} Hacienda … and is still pregnant with Ethan. The big brains in the white coats feel that this is the best course of action and we are suitably convinced. So at this writing, she is in our own bed, chillin’ (medical term is ‘continuing bed rest’ I believe) until further notice. Our dogs were overcome with excitement to see her back and Tonya was visibly relieved to be back in familiar surroundings. Obviously, Emily and I are grateful to have our family back in the same comfortable place again too.

As we enter this next chapter, we are not sure what help we may or may not need yet, but I would sure like to state again how much we appreciate and are honored by the tremendous support and offers of support we have received. The notes, emails, gestures, meals, rides, bags of untraceable cash left on the stoop, (okay, maybe not that last one) etc. have been outstanding. Thank you all again.

As if this last month was a blur, we now return to weekly doctor’s appointments, sleeping in our own bed and to homework done at a desk instead of the floor of a hospital room. Since I am mostly confident that reports of such details would far exceed anyone’s already stretched tolerance to know so much about our family, I don’t expect to send another update until there is a significant change of status. Qualifying events would be: an actual bag of cash left on the stoop, the eventual birth of our little whippersnapper or perhaps that I finally learned to juggle for more than 15 seconds without breaking any furniture.

To reach Tonya in the meantime, feel free to call the house during sensible hours at {edited for privacy}
. She will periodically check her home email too at {edited for privacy}.

Visits are great also, but of course please contact us first to arrange. Our home address is {edited for privacy}. Park anywhere except in front of the fire hydrant.

That’s it for now. And thank you all again very, very much.


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