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26 October 2007

Juggling Anyone?

Juggling anyone? So, I tried to pick up the ancient art of 3-ball-juggling. There is probably something metaphorical there, but I’ll save that for another day. A friend on my TF got me inspired while we were ‘camping’ in the Astrodome awaiting Hurricane Rita. Juggling it seems helps pass the time. For me, juggling’s positive effects have been a tad more elusive. It’s more like the lesser known ancient game of 3-ball–controlled-drop-and-frantic-lunge. When Tonya became pregnant, I envisioned a carnival act in front of Ethan where he watches his dad in amazement juggling three colorful orbs of fun. Today, that act consisted of an errant toss into his bassinet near his sleeping body followed by a hearty admonishment from Tonya. More practice is needed.

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