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29 October 2007

Duty Calls, Part 1

One of the many diversified parts of my work life consist of teaching advanced search & rescue topics to a local, state and federal audience. To my new born son, I assume that being gone too soon would mean that he would begin the long spiral downward into father-deprivation, beheading his GI Joe's and everlasting bed wetting. So when his blessed birth finally came I began anguishing the cost-benefit of being gone too soon to deliver a couple of classes out of town or stay and give him the fatherly presence that again, I assumed, he would need. Little did I know. To the person, the medical staff at the hospital after Ethan was born stated that unless I produced milk, that my presence - for Ethan's benefit anyway - was largely ceremonial. So there. I also learned that our wonderful mother's bodies amp up a whole degree warmer after giving birth to give the newborn a warm place to hang out.

So, before I bid adieu for a little while so I can make some gravy for my family, let me address two key points:

1- There is no greater wife, friend, mother and companion than my wife Tonya. It is only with her unreserved support and assurance that I would even consider being gone so soon after her giving birth. Having an awesome support network and an 11 year old daughter helps too.

2- Women's Centers are awesome at the obvious, taking care of women. If those where the only people that needed service there, that would be fine, but there are a slew of involved MEN that are under served while trying to be strong for their women. I will address this disparity in greater detail in a future offering.

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