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24 September 2007



Tonya is still preggo
Ethan’s still inside
Both are still hospitalized
So we will continue to abide.


32 weeks of pregnancy has finally arrived and one of our doctors came in to wish us a congratulations for making it this far. Tonya celebrated by going to the bathroom by herself.

For those not aware of her ear plugging up pattern: for 6+ months of this pregnancy her ears ‘plugged up’ (or as Emily playfully says: “pluhgdb ubd”) due to a hormone imbalance at least 1x per day. However a couple of days before her labor prematurely commenced 10+ days ago, her ears magically ‘healed’, ergo, her hormones moderated. Now we know why. Well, yesterday her ears pluhgdb ubd again. Of course we hope that means that her body is resetting – and stabilizing - to pre-labor conditions.

She also has entered her 5th full day of no labor contractions (better living through pharmacology) so apparently Ethan and his host uterus are beginning to get with the program.

A couple of answers to frequently asked questions and for those recently joining us:

1- SITuation + REPort = SITREP.
2- Tonya is incarcerated at the {edited for privacy} and she can and does take calls. If its busy or there’s no answer, please call back. The physical location is below and directions can be found here:

{edited for privacy}

3- No news is good news. My plan is to send out an update only as developments warrant.
4- Tonya has an unrestricted diet, so she can eat anything she wants. For those Jacque Pepin’s that want to make her something though, please be mindful that she is a vegetarian (and a choco-tarian).


We have another sonogram this Wednesday to check to see if Ethan has chiseled out any more of his exit route. In the last one Ethan’s head was very much in the ‘go’ position, even though the rest of his little body seems to gyrate just fine (who knew?).

34 weeks is another milestone where some mothers in similar situations get to go home and be confined to their home bed. If that were to be offered to us, one of the tradeoffs would be a bumpy truck ride back and forth to her frequent monitoring checkups and the lack of ready access to her excellent medical team. Since my truck with its 2 lighter adapters and stack of Schlotzsky’s napkins apparently don’t qualify for an adequate delivery room, we are still of believe that the safest place for Tonya and Ethan is in the hospital.


So far so good. We are starting to get the hang of this. A couple of shuttling challenges loom ahead for me and Emily but I will coordinate those directly. Thank you all again to those that have donated your time and energy and services to us. We are extremely grateful recipients of home cooked meals, yard care, rides, visits to Tonya, her new hairstyle, the beautiful gifts and flowers and cards in her room, hosting Emily for sleepovers, shopping trips with her and many other wonderful and supportive gestures.

Anybody have a clean, sturdy, reclining lawn chair we can please borrow? Tonya is allowed to go outside onto the fresh air patio of her hospital room but has to remain supine as a condition.

Emily’s hug-o-meter runs about 5-7 per school day, which is super and makes a huge difference. If possible, do you think we could widen the response and increase her daily hug-o-meter to double digits please?

Thanks again all. I will write again when there is news.


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