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19 September 2007


F2 (Friends & Family):

SUMMARY: Mom and unborn baby are healthy. Mom’s contractions/labor continues, therefore so does her hospital confinement.
DETAIL: After enjoying a brief 24 hours of no labor contractions, they returned on Tuesday (9/18). This baby wants out. Because his head is already in the delivery position, it is placing even more pressure on her cervix and is further increasing the likelihood that we will be going from pregnant status to premature newborn status faster than you can say ‘umbilical cord’. As a result, we are preparing ourselves for a longer stay in the {edited for privacy} hoosegow under their exacting but excellent supervision. Factoid: did you know that umbilical cords can be as long as 2 feet in length?

To avoid ODSPP (Over-Describing-Spouse’s-Private-Parts), below is a link to an illustration of an anonymous, effaced cervix, for those that were in need of more anatomy lessons to understand what is happening.

Tonya and our son, who will likely be called Ethan Michael when he makes his appearance, are both physically healthy. In their sonogram this morning Ethan passed his recent ‘biophysical’ which included measurements of his fluids, tone, movement and heart. They are all “good” according to our swashbuckling perinatalogist. We didn’t get to see his face (he still down low, trying to dig out) but I can only hope he will be as beautiful as his mother. Unfortunately, she is nearly 50% more effaced today than she was Monday which is an unwelcome decline.

Our current target (among many) is to keep him inside until at least Monday the 24th which is his 32nd week ‘inside’. That milestone marks a statistical difference between preemies that are born with brain bleeding and related defects and maladies and those that are not born with those. According to her doctors, every DAY Tonya stays pregnant is equal to TWO DAYS that he will not have to stay in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

NEXT: More of the same. As long as any forthcoming labor contractions don’t lead to his premature birth, Tonya will stay confined to the hospital bed until delivery. They don’t talk much about us going home anymore, they refer more to the situation as our ‘high risk pregnancy’ and speak mainly about just getting us to 32 weeks. When pressed however, they do suggest that the likelihood is promising that we will make it to 35 or 36 weeks, but nobody is willing to place any bets. Although 37 weeks is considered full term, 36 weeks is considered quite manageable apparently. So far, there is not a scenario that intimidates our Medical Team at {edited for privacy} ...which is of course quite comforting.

LOGISTICS: Does anybody know of a hairdresser that would be willing to come to the hospital and cut Tonya’s hair? A hair cut was on her schedule but the baby had different ideas, a dynamic I suppose we should grow accustomed to. If you know someone that would be willing to work in that setting and that won’t charge us too much, please let Tonya know. She is still in room {edited for privacy}.

Thanks to everyone for the offers, the food, the success stories, the visits to Tonya, the rides for Emily and for the well wishes, prayers and thoughts. They ALL matter and your thoughtfulness and service is greatly appreciated. Ethan will come wash your car when he gets older.


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