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17 September 2007


Friends & Family:

SUMMARY: Tonya and baby boy are healthy, will remain in hospital for at least 1 more week, possibly up to 5 more weeks. Her new room and # is {edited for privacy}.

DETAIL: We saw the perinatalogist tonight who provided Tonya’s first opportunity to leave her hospital room since Thursday night. She got to travel a whole 3 doors down to a shake ‘hands’ with an icy cold medical device which confirmed that her cervix is still dilated and is still effaced to an undesired and therefore risky level. She also got another sonogram which, in addition to giving the doctor some helpful stats, it gave us a comforting glimpse of our little trouble maker.

He is approximately 4.4 pounds and is still, um, VERY male (wink, wink), and is “perfect” according to the doctor in answer to our incessant questions about his health. What a relief.

We also saw our primary pregnancy doctor who concurs with his findings. Between her cervix condition and her recent labor contractions on Thursday, Tonya will be staying in the hospital until at least next Monday (9/24/07), when they will review her condition again. The most likely scenario however involves Tonya being hospitalized until at least week 36 (5 more weeks).

To simplify our findings: unless we have an emergent condition that leads to a premature birth, our son will either spend the next 5 weeks in Tonya’s uterus or the next 5 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In the rough draft of our 5 week plan, it is much more palatable to see a healthy, dormant, but still pregnant wife in the hospital rather than us having to go visit our prematurely born son in the NICU and helplessly watch him develop artificially by caring strangers. Regardless of what happens, either scenario routinely and successfully produces successful children at this hospital, which is comforting.

Doing the right thing is easy to say, often times harder to do and can certainly be a bitter pill to swallow when it involves leaving your spouse alone in a hospital room. As the Russian Proverb goes…..“The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel” so Tonya, Emily and I decided we will use this challenge to get stronger rather than to shatter.


Now that Tonya is a bona fide short term resident of {edited for privacy} Hospital, they moved her into larger dorm-like quarters, inclusive of a fridge, extra chairs and a microwave (I am sure many college students would be envious). Her new room # is 189 and her direct phone # is {edited for privacy}. She can, will and would surely appreciate some friendly faces if you can spare the time. Now that she is allowed to shower once per day, the visits are much more pleasant too. : )

She is on an unrestricted diet so any treats you chose to take her should be fine, unless they are fried pork skins or something that won’t jive with her vegetarian preference. Other than that I think she is already set with books, magazines, and those sexy compression socks.

Emily and I are doing okay. Now that we have a timeline to work with, we will be developing our schedule and from that, our own logistical requirements. We have already tapped into some of you for help and service and may likely lean on some of you again here and there, etc. as we try to maintain a support system for our hero Tonya/Mom and also make a soccer practice or two along the way….

Thanks again for supporting Tonya during this less than ideal time.


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