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20 September 2007

Emily Schmemily

Emily is a bright and creative young lady. And that is even before she has her vitamins. I am proud to call her my daughter. She is also whiz at picking up dog poop, makes a totally fly macaroni & cheese (yes!) and is a standout poet in her 6th grade class. The following was sent to me by Paige, her 6th grade teacher. I am humbled as I sit in a puddle of my own tears.

She was a soccer girl,
says the worn-out soccer ball,
on the floor with her shoes.
A short girl, says the size “small”
uniform hanging up in the closet;
and a baby loving girl,
says the bed that she practices nurse on
from dawn til’ dusk.
But not a girl for fishing,
says the hooks that have never been used.

A mother away from her,
says the empty bedroom with the
sad daddy in it, hoping that the
pre-mature baby is safe.
And a little one on the way, says the crib in the bedroom ready to go.
The food was MLS, says the grossed-out
faces at dinner.
and her mother was a vegetarian,
says the box of asparagus in the freezer.
It was odd here says the empty house.

{MLS, for our mostly vegetarian household, refers to the non-meat items we eat that are made to look like meat. Aside from the health benefits, we find great folly in calling it Meat Like Substance.}

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