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24 July 2009

Race for a Clue

Check it out:

Concerned neighbor in a nice neighborhood sees 2 men trying to force their way into then front, then the back of a house across the street from hers. She does not recognize the men.

Concerned neighbor calls 911 and reports her observations, which appears to be a potential burglary.

Police respond to concerned neighbor's 911 call and arrive at the subject house. 2 men respond to the door from inside the house (with a now open door) when police call out.

Police state they are investigating a potential burglary in progress. One of the men says he lives there. Police ask for him to step outside the home and to provide his identification to further their investigation and to confirm his claim.

Man refuses to provide his identification and refuses to step outside the home, but instead becomes belligerent and verbally combative with the officers.

Police arrest the man and take him to the police station where they are able to identify him and summarily charge him with disorderly conduct.

What would you do if you saw that scene in your neighborhood?

What would you want your neighbor's to do if they saw that scene at your house?

This is a summary of a actual incident and the above stated facts are not in dispute. And I challenge anyone to challenge the righteousness of the above outcome.

So why discuss it? Well, some race baiters found the need to replace the words "concerned citizen" with "white woman", "man" with "black man" and "police" with "white police".

Now, let's take a collective breathe and wipe the vomit from our chin. Is anyone else getting sick of the race baiters taking up space on our computer and television screens?

Even our country's president chimed in to call the action of the police "stupid" and declined an opportunity retract that statement even when confronted with the facts of the arrestee's adolescent behavior (which is a compatriot of our president). Yep, go look it up.

Indeed, we are surrounded by racists, but they are certainly NOT the people they want us to believe they are.

Re-read the factual rundown and then look no further than the people who insist that "white" and "black" are added to the story for the clear answer on who the racists are in this story.

What is the solution?

10 July 2009

Racist Pig!!

True Racism is bad, for sure. Alleged racism as a means to promote an agenda is disgraceful.

If a minority acts inappropriately and is punished... does that make the punisher a racist? Do some authorities adjust their punishment of minorities for fear of being labelled a racist?

For example, I wonder if we will hear the back story to this row ....

Pa. to investigate pool discrimination allegations

And the great equalizer (which is what the equal rights flag wavers claim they are seeking - you know, equality) is of course whether one can replace the description of a person with any other race and for the sentence to still pass the smell test.

I submit that many, many people and organization's fail this... such as: since there is a Black Entertainment Television (BET), how how the public react to a channel dedicated to whites, or Asians or Hispanics called for example, the White Entertainment Television channel? How many people assume I am a racist for even bringing that up? Egad.

We can do better at promoting equality but that starts with actually treating people equally ... instead of finding new and different (and offensive) ways to assert one's perceived racial entitlement. Bad is bad and good is good, regardless of color. Are you listening Sharpton and Co?

10 June 2009

Deputy Tasers woman, 72, during traffic stop

Deputy Tasers woman, 72, during traffic stop (click to read the article)

She apparently dared the deputy to do while becoming combative during a traffic stop. All procedures were followed by the Deputy and the woman, Kathryn Winkfein, needlessly escalated the event with her arrogance and belligerence.

Oh yeah, she was racing through a construction zone full of workers before she was stopped.

And oh yeah, before the video was released of her antics, she lied about her role in the incident, choosing to blame everything on the police.

Watch the video of her ridiculous antics during the traffic stop here.